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  • Thanks to our "at home service" you can create a complete surprise. (See column Service)
  • If you have a printer at your disposal than you could printout the enlarged popup of the articles on this site on a simple manner (by clicking on "print" under the picture). This print can be used as a gift token. The concerned can still change of opinion or do personal adaptations.
  • You can also order a gift coupon via different ways (e-mail, telephone, fax …).
  • Take a look under the section "Jewels" (column miscellaneous) for surprising items in 18 carat gold besides the classic jewellery line.
  • Do no longer let your old gold (jewels, coins, watches etc…) starve in a drawer or vault. (See under "Workshop", column old gold)
  • A jewel becomes even more personal by engraving a special message. (See under “Workshop” column engravings)
  • Challenge us to realize the design from your dreams. (See under "Workshop")

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