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As certified engraver we gladly provide all sorts of hand engravings. Through the goldsmith's-engraver combination we have specialized in the inlay of precious stones, gold and other noble metals, flat or in relief. This as well in weapons as in all sorts of objects (bracelets, rings, silver work etc…). The model weapons presented on this site are for sale at very favourable prices.

The possibility to etch photographs in gold gives a wide variety of possibilities and is very personal. So may beloved, pets, dearest deceased, be immortalized on a golden pendant through a brilliant and perfect executed etch.

Thanks to a large number of extreme modern machines we can engrave almost all materials in all shapes. Different pantograph machines (with fraises or diamond point) are used to engrave bracelets, trophies, medals, silver work, dishes etc…. A laser engraver of the heavier type can engrave materials that otherwise not can be engraved such as leather, wood, glass, plexi etc…. and this with a precision of 0,001 mm. A special designed pantograph engraves your message into the inside of rings.


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