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For your complete contentment all jewels and watches that we sold are brought on measure once only without any additional expenses.

Our "at home service" consists out of: on an agreed day, hour and place a choice of jewels is presented. You determinate you self what is shown (type of jewels and price class) because it is impossible to displace the complete collections. This service makes it possible to let the concerned choose the right jewel (price class determined by you). Possibly we can explain to your family, friends, acquaintances a number of basic principles from the jewellery-world (diamond, pearls, gold etc…), accompanied with the necessary examples, as a part of a meeting or home party. Exploratory conversations or meetings are necessary for this service.

Our repair services are very expanded: contemporary and antique jewels, watches, restringing of pearls, transformation of wedding rings, rebuild old gold, stone setting etc ……


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